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From Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents

I feel privileged and honored to be the founder Principal of M.S. Heritage School and would like to state that the school is an alma mater over which all alumni look back to with fond memories. It is true about me also. I can never forget my school life. My class-rooms and teachers shall have a fresh image in my brain and body forever. In the process of learning. I am indebted not only to my seniors and colleagues but also towards my students and their parents too, through interactions.

There are some moments in life of every individual that make one feel proud and among those moments I can never forget the moment when I had been awarded RASHTRIYA GAURAV AWARD in 2004 in Chandigarh for my services in the process of generating civilized and productive human capital for serving our nation by imparting education since 1991, a period of approximately 24 years . I feel over whelmed with pleasure and gratitude to discuss about Doctor M.S. Tyagi, a man of letters Ex Principal of D.P.S. Bokaro under whose Unconditional support and guidance, I could have attained the glorious peak of my Career, simultaneously I would like to recall my memories about the time period when I was H.O.D. Chemistry in D.P.S. Bocaro which has life -long prints in my heart and soul. My commitment for the cause of education nation will last with me till my last breathe.

As far as my view about education is concerned, I stand to stand by the opinion of George Bernard Shaw which runs like thus:A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing One thing I would like to add here as an educator that realization about committed mistakes, should be done so that there may not be repeated occurrence of the same. To educate offer spoon feeding are quite contrary to each other. The process of offering education should be relevant enough to let the taught be self empowered to discover themselves-who they are what inherent qualities they possess.

There can be no two opinion about it that there are varieties of seeds with in different students either to be a doctor, or an engineer or a teacher or a social activist or a dramatist hellip;.....and its our pious duty to let them be identified with their respective fields of interests and to let them be able to follow the path shown by their respective choices following the track shown by Vivekananda as he remarked, ARISE, AWAKE STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS ACHIVED,